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What’s New


Other Changes

  • Removed prices for all brothel services.
  • Added a Journal entry for Bulgra.
  • Updated “Ohro’s Advice”
  • Updated “King’s Board”
  • Updated “Loading message”
  • Improved the patchnotes website.


  • Brothel hats will only show up after the questline is completed, and only 1 day of the week.
  • Black fade coming up in Bulgra’s first interaction before it should.


NSFW content

  • Bulgra, the Oni
    • First meeting (Massage + Sex over the table)
    • Sex over the table loop scene (Animation)
    • Massage loop scene (Mini)
      • Handjob ending
      • Luna’s ending


  • Fixed “Staff of Wisdom” spawning in the dungeon under the wrong conditions.
  • Fixed instances of dialogues auto-skipping
  • Fixed instances of dialogues boxes showing empty.
  • Fixed instances of dialogues/names not displaying correctly.

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