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Aurelia is a retro pixel art visual novel where you will explore a fantastic medieval world and meet beautiful women, exotic races, and monster girls. 

You will take the role of a young man that inherits his grandfather's house and, on a sudden twist of fate, becomes entangled with a mysterious sorceress. 

High-quality art. Full of nostalgia and style. 

8 Romanceable characters

Hand-drawn animated NSFW scenes

RPG Mechanics : 

Level up, improve your stats, equip artifacts, drink potions... 

The Dungeon:

Delve into the dusk dungeon for a rogue-like adventure filled with tons of monster girls and unlock their exclusive scenes

Many things to do:  Relax while fishing, play blackjack, craft potions...

Immersing locations


Romance, vanilla, anal sex, teasing, groping, group sex, M2F, F2F, BDSM.

+80 achievements for the completionists, which will reward you with extra scenes

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Erotic, Fantasy, Magic, nudity, Pixel Art, Point & Click, sex, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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Aurelia_V25_1.exe 107 MB
Aurelia_V25_1.apk 133 MB

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Hi, huh i playing in Android, what i need to do to update the app without losing progress?

Absolutely love this game, beautiful graphics, and I often find myself humming along to the music. I am curious though if you don't mind me asking, is this built on a proprietary engine?

Either way, great game. 100/10

Thanks for the kind words Dark.

Aurelia is build on GameMaker 1.4.9999

Oh Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply.

Welcome back! Could you help the people out who have posted difficulties getting this game to run correctly?

Can' t continue Amber story senda ohros not found

How do I get gold? It's say I need to buy the shovel but I don't have any gold

Work in the tavern.


Whenever I open the game, I get all the sound, and i seem to be able to interact with things, but the whole window is whited out, so i cant see anything. What do I do to fix this?

Having the same problem, WHEN I can get it to run.

The heart scenes for the new dungeon mobs don't work? I use the spell, defeat them, and the screen goes pink for a sec then it boots me back to the level. Is something broken?


critical error when you give advice on what song the guitar girl should play, crashed the game. Consequently, I lost my progress.

How TF are you all playing this? I'm on Windows 10, unblocked the program (right-clicking Properties, etc.), and I run as admin but all it does is pop up a blank window for a couple of secs and then closes. Deleted it and redownloaded it. Tried troubleshooting all compatibilities...:


HELP, cause this game looks and sounds killer.

Anyone. Anyone at all.


This game is honestly just a fraction shy of what I'd call perfect, but my standard is arbitrary and has a lot more narration about sex acts interspersed with dialogue. The art direction and actual gameplay here are A+. Lots of excellent CGs and the updates keep me coming back to this project. If you jump onto the dev's patreon he's earning every penny.

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How to unlock the last character ???

Ask your dragon waifu for advice.

I talked to scarlet. How can I find the thing she need? Whetstone? Bone dust?

buy it from Janet. Bone ash from karos defense, i guess. 


Thanks bro.


Where can I find revitalizers? Also, how can I get into the dungeon? I have the tomb unlocked, but don't know what to do now.

Dungeon quest begins with lizard on a lake.  If you mean heal potions in tomb, then you need to buy a spell of healing or heal per attack. I usually use soul syphon and reapers blade as passive buffs. You can go way further with it. Here is screen with all spells i get

I've completed all of janet storyline but theres still 2 H-scene unlocked imma try the new ver first, maybe its in there


IIRC, you need to get extra creamy Milk from first boss of the dungeon. There's should be a statue on 7th level, which would give you a steal spell. Use it on boss to get Milk and bring it to Janett to progress her storyline 

arigato senpai


currently sitting through the entirety of the bee movie script with full knowledge that i can back out but i choose not to because there might be something at the end


alright i had to bail it scrolls so slow


Nice Game, a few issues

1) "Amber’s first anal" and "Breeding Ki-ki" do not trigger (V25_1)

2) the Ki-ki/Luna Extra scene in the in the little room behind the cutains is only available i V24_2 while a save fron V25_1 is loaded, i dont know why

3) Is the new Extra scene with Ivy/Scarlet, addet in V24_1 or V24_2, the one that plays if you enter the girl's bedroom in the morning? If not then i dont know where to find it, the heart that is supposed to show where thee scene is never shows up

Realy hope you can help me, keep up the good work


True, it happens the same to me


Where i can get strawberry?


when you unlock the garden by playing some of Ivy's story, plant some things in the garden? It's random what you get when you plant.

Does anyone know how to earn coins im on day 7 and I still can figure it ou

you can ask orson to work at the bar in the begining. the big money is found in melkor's tomb later down the line


Great game, I fell in love with the art style straight away, and already finished v24_2_D. Sadly my saves are gone now and I really don't want to collect everything from the start. Altho I did reformat the pc a couple of weeks ago but didn't touch the drive that the game resides in. Any possible solutions to get my save back? Long shot yes but any help would be appreciated.

You can usually find the save files "C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Aurelia"

Good luck.


Well, it got thanos snapped. Oh well, guess imma play it again. Thanks.

I just stumbled upon Naamu's old lair

Who is strong enough to open the back entrance?

Talk with Ginny in a church

How do i get the house key duplicate?

Found it

i wonder if i install a new version, do i have to play it all again?


Is this playable on joiplay? cuz i try the android ver it always force close


hello I am having a problem when i start the game and it reach the end of the loading it will close automatically, and I am running it on Android so any help to get out of this problem.

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Awesome game, wonderful stories and events!

Also, ohro mask is neat looking but does it have a use?

(editing for clarity becuase my idjit ass forgot ro apply the latest free update.)

If I was still employed, I'd love to support this game more! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the areas!

how do i get algee

Fish, start fish catching minigame, but let fish escape.

How do i make tea?

Alchemy in village square, recipe needs algae and bone ash.


Will it ever be available on mac? :))

Would be nice if the game was already released on steam also.
I would much rather already pay for the game to support development than trough patreon.

I am reading about people getting stuck.  I think I am now stuck as well, for some reason I cannot get find a clue for Scarlet's Dagger.  Naamu tells me THe village drunkards are the key but that only got me to the lockpicks and the silver crest.  Am I missing something?

Nvm... found the ancient map.  Solved a bit more still trying to find the elusive ancient sap.  Tried lots of failed Alchemy iterations.

Ancient sap is something you find, not something you craft.


I've been looking for over an hour...
What map?


It's in the tomb where the map leads you. Click the wall that looks like its leaking. You need an empty bottle to collect it


Ask for a Raiders

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ok first of all frick you, second of all, sorry, third of all, why does the game crash before the loading even finishes? Is it just happening to me for some reason? Bruh why me? My cellphone is a A10 if that helps, anyway everytime i start the game the fisrt time loading goes till the purple flame gets closes to the end and then boom back to my home screen, and it continues like this forever, i can't play the game :(....

Help, i can't see the monster pixel  girl tits if the game doesn't work t-t




Lmao indeed

Is there any strategy in this game? There are too few tips. It's too difficult for me to play this game. Can someone give me a strategy


Dunno. Im not even good at English, but have figured out how to complete it all. Not qute well, but still) There is a thing that you need to do progress at all girls. You can't just leave one without attention. Except brothel, maybe. It seems opcional. Let's discuss where you stuck?


What a piece of gem. Love the art style so much!

how do you earn money, im at the beginning and im stuck because i got no coins and no idea how to get them

Work in a bar at evening. Go fishing and sell it to Janet. As soon as you reach tomb - money wont be a problem

Thanks, i somehow missed that you can work at the bar

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I have version 24.2D, finished quests for Ivy, Janet and Lily and didn't see the dungeon even once. Also, is it possible to get ancient sap in this build?

You must ask barkeeper about Reynard and his friend, next, you ask them about stealing from customers, they will give you a lockpick and a silver crest, then you must find a ancient map (i forgot where did you get it) then a tomb should be at the top right corner of the map. Enter it, then place the crest at the center of the rock in the triangle-looking place to release Erza. Do what Erza says and then you will able to get to the dungeon

Updated to V24.2 D and every time I try to run it I get a "TestPlatformer: Error creating process" with no reason given. Is there any fix for this?

Umm i got a code error, should i report this? and where should i report it?

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