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About the game

Aurelia is set in a fantastic medieval world full of beautiful women and exotic races, the player will take the role of a young man that inherits his grandfather house and on a sudden twist of fate, becomes entangled with a

The game will be a high-quality visual novel, with skill-based minigames, RPG themes, datingSim mechanics, multiple character storylines to unfold and tons of gratuitous sex.


I opened this Itch.io so other people don't impersonate me by reuploading it, I'll try to keep it updated with the latest public version every now and then, but I advise to follow the project either on Reddit or Twitter to always have the latest version available.

Donations are closed, but If you want to help us I encourage you to sign in our Patreon so you can get rewards like early access, development peeks or just communicate anything with us.

We also have Discord, Twitter and Reddit in case any of those is more comfortable to you.

Install instructions

Windows: open the executable

Android: Install the App


Aurelia_PC_17_6.exe 94 MB
Aurelia_MOBILE_17_6.apk 114 MB


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Looks interesting, but the Android link only downloads a *.bin file. Could someone please tell me how that's supposed to be used on a phone?

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Hey... so ive only been playing for a short while and i cant figure out what the gift for ivy is supposed to be... i went to the dragon by the lake and he said "sits beside me every night" so i looked around my bedroom... and then i thought maybe it meant ivy herself, but i couldnt find any special dialogue... i have the wine and the food... but i cant figure out the gift... i feel like an idiot, because i feel like its obvious... but could someone give a non cryptic hint?

Me too, I couldn't figure it out

Maybe there's something in that suspiciously locked chest in your room.

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i thought that too... But i have no clue where the key is

The Guys that sit at the bar got something for you to do

The discord link doesn't work...

It seems that sometimes discord discards old links for safety, here's a new one: https://discord.gg/twzMbu8

Thank you.

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On Patreon is 0.17.6

https://www.patreon.com/Mirthal/posts?tag=Download&filters[tag]=Download ^_^

How does the lockpicking minigame work on mobile? It's the last thing I need to do, but I don't know how to engage the pins, I can only move the pick sideways. 

pull the lockpick down, then release it at the right time.

Like in Pinball. (On right site is force bar)


I'm new and i get  Rickrolled  already?! man, i Love you dev~

The game is really good, but it is super buggy on my computer. Every few minutes it freezes and I have to close the app and open it up again. I am guessing it is just a problem with my computer, but is there a way to fix it?


first off I love this game. Its incredibly well polished and I am a huge fan

secondly there are some minor typos and grammatical mostakes, Ive been working as an editor for free in my spare time and if you think you would benefit from my services I would love to work on this game. 




lol my bad

where do i get the water for erza

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nevermind i found where to fill it


Damn Aurelia was so addicting i had to finish the whole story in one sitting, im super impressed with the art and all. even the dialogue and soundtrack is amazing ( especially the one on the lake scene ). Most Developers do not care about music in visual novels. But damn sound effects make it so much more interesting. Im really pleased with the recent build, waiting egarly for new content. Best of luck


Amazing start to a retro looking sexy game!

Very neat game so far! I just started playing a couple of hours ago. I want to report this (very minor) dialogue typo: https://i.imgur.com/FOID673.png

Thanks, I'll check that one out.

You're welcome! Great job on the game. I took notes on a few other lines in the dialogue don't make complete sense, e.g. "I'll borrow you my old grimoire" would make more sense if it said "I'll loan you my" or "I'll let you borrow my".

The game is so well-done otherwise, so when I noticed these things it caught me off guard. Let me know if you'd like me to report any other things of this nature? Hope it helps. Keep up the good work!


We have a "corrections" section in our Discord server, and you can always report any of of those as a bug under the "dialogue" category.
We are always happy to be able to improve the game quality.

Will do! Aloha 🙂

hello Myrthal I wanted to tell you here that today I downloaded this game and in the beginning it worked very well but then I keep going out all the time I did everything I could to try to solve this bug but nothing worked so please if you can solve this problem. any doubt my phone is: Samsung Galaxy J1 mini

There's some memory issues pre-v16 that we fixed in v17, gotta wait!


ok, finished getting 100% on the journal so heres everything I have to say.  First, everyone try this but be sure to get the version on the patreon page.  The gameplay loop is addictive in an old school adv game kinda way and the pixel art is outstanding.  I was also able to get several hours of content when I played.  Don't underestimate what you get for 100 MB here people.  

The only nitpicks would be that the text needs to be more lines during the erotic scenes and small bits that are barely worth mentioning like the coloration of janet's nipples in the first scene, ivy's lip biting facial expression, etc..  All of the art was great though and some was flat incredible.

I do hope that the finished product doesn't have any failure states based upon day limits since it could only hurt imo by forcing reloads, efficiency over preference or restarting altogether.  Going to certainly keep my eye on this title.

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I opened this Itch.io so other people don't impersonate me by reuploading the game.

hello Myrthal I wanted to tell you here that today I downloaded this game and in the beginning it worked very well but then I keep going out all the time I did everything I could to try to solve this bug but nothing worked so please if you can solve this problem. any doubt my phone is: Samsung Galaxy J1 mini

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Just download the new version and play, the game will take care of your savefiles for you.

The potion of agility doesn't seem to have any effect at all on the bar mini game. 

I'm playing on Android and I just want to throw my phone against the wall each time I'm on level 8 and drops my input... 


Wow this looks great! will there be Pregnancy? I sure hope so.


For some character endings, yes. But It'll be out of the sex scenes.


The game is soooooo fun. 

But I finished it so soon. I think there is something that I didn't do. When game will be finish? When all of girl's story done? Then I finished it. Or there is more? If it is please give me some clue.

If you've completed all the Journal scenes that's pretty much all the content avaliable.
Check out our patreon for the latest public updates because I rarely update Itchio.


I really enjoyed playing this!


First, I wanted to say great game. Second, I would love to see more content in the future. I know you are doing so. But this is a great start to a wonderfully long game. Keep up the good work!


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You can make money by consuming fully ripened gold plants, which give you 1000, or you can play the minigame in the bar in the evening by talking to orson.


I've finished all the village girl's story but i can't figure out how to unlock ivy's last scene, and the 2nd and 3rd scene for scarlet.... Pls help );

For extra details, the last thing i need to do with ivy was something like "make our own little family reunion" but i can't figure out how to trigger that..... And the last thing i did with scarlet was just lick her out after training my archery aim but i can't figure out how to do anything else

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To trigger the last scene, dont sleep with Ivy at night. Sleep in your bed instead. Then, in the morning, she will stand by your bed, and just click her from there.


Reynauld and Dismas... hmm...


I've basically gone through all the NSFW rpg games on itch.io and this one was my favorite. Please continue the fantastic work.

the chest lock pic minigame wont work


for me it was an odd mix of sliding on my mobile a very small amount keeping pressure to build the gage and then releasing. so it was not swipe speed or strength just some movement and waiting to get the gage right


The chest lock needs to have precise strength timing. Basically you want enough strength to lift the lock exactly to its opening, and nothing more or less. Keep using different strengths and see which works best. Took me about 5 minutes in the first try to get all of them.